Canon THIS, asshats.


"Canon" THIS, fangirls.
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W  E  L  C  O  M  E
Welcome to the one, the only Anti-Polarshipping community on LJ. I'm your good ol' friendly mod, manjyome, and this is where you can come and bitch about one of the pairings I loathe the most in the world...JounouchixMai! (Or JoeyxMai, depending on which you prefer.) Of course, if you don't loathe the pairing, don't join, and the very second you flame me, I'll use it to amuse myself when I'm depressed. Really.
R  U  L  E  S
01}  If you're one of the assloads of JouMai fangirls, then don't join. Go play dominoes for all I frickin' care. Just stay in your own little happy world and don't bother us, or we'll eat you, and your babies. Your unborn babies, if it comes down to that. Trust me, it won't be pretty. And honestly, if you're a Jou/Mai fan, then just LEAVE US ALONE. We have better things to do than stalk your communities, and we don't go around saying shit about them. So please, give us the same respect regardless of whether you agree or not. D:

02}  LJ-CUT. Really, people, it saves the souls of the damned. So please, do it for the children. If you don't know how to do it, the code is <*lj-cut*> without the stars. Then, to finish your cut, put <*/lj-cut*>, again without the stars. But then again, after I said no the first time, you probably figured that out.

03}  Bash JouMai only. Don't bash them individually, because I'll have to hurt you if you bash Mai. So yeah. Don't bash any other pairings here, otherwise you'll get bitched at by yours truly. Especially if it's one I really like. So really people, we're all here for a common reason, don't turn us all against each other by bringing other pairings into the mix.

04}  Swear all you want, it's pretty obvious I don't give a shit. Although people do tend to sound smarter when they whoop out dem bigazz wordz0rz and don't swear every other second, but like I said, it doesn't bother me at all.

05}  Plz, dn't tlk lyke dizz or i mite ban u, k?

And if you've got a problem with me, drop me an e-mail. Don't drag stuff out in the community, because...I HAVE THE POWER!!! *coughhack*
M O D E R A T E D  B Y
manjyome - caity

If you're interested in being a co-mod, just let me know! :D
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