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So, in regards to my rant. D:

Well, yeah. I got uberpissed. D: It's actually pretty ironic that I said "don't like, don't read" in an anti community. XD But the fact that I try to do that and fail miserably is 98% of the reason I opened this community, honestly. It's like I said about the icons, I wanted to see Mai icons, not Polarshipping icons. And when you're trying to avoid something and it just keeps on popping up in your face, you're probably gonna get pissed. D: So, it amazes me that people actually are taking some of the things we say here seriously (like the whole "toss my cookies" comment O.O), but then again, I'm kind of glad that we're getting publicity, no matter how...negative. XD It's frustrating to me to be everyone's bad example, and well, if you click a link that says anti_polarship, what do you THINK you're going to find? Not the things my inbox got spammed with weekly. D: I got way too sick of getting e-mails from tweenies saying "XXXXXJOEYLOVESMAI", and again, I think that's understandable. If I spammed THEIR inbox with "Seto x Mai 4LIFE U SUK" or "SETO X JOU 4LIFE U SUCK AZZ" then they'd probably get pissed off too. Not just a one-time thing, mind you, this happened to me like three times a week. D: So, I lost my patience and created this community as a place to vent, and a place for people who feel the same way to vent as well. ((I do kinda think it's funny that people are taking what we say here personally, though. :D))

If someone can provide me with an interview from Takahashi that says "Jounouchi x Mai is canon, I am NOT focusing this show on sibling relationships & friendships, I AM focusing it on these two", then I'll take all the NO CANON comments back. The canon couple (that I know for sure he's said is canon) would be Roseshipping (Pegasus x Cyndia). Nero and a few other people have told me that Peachshipping is canon, but I've never seen that anywhere either, not saying that they're wrong, just that I haven't seen it. Gawd, I HATE it when people back themselves up with "OMG STFU THEY'RE CANON". >.>;; Honestly. Just send me the interview, and I'll go public with the fact that I'm wrong. Until then, well....shut the fuck up about it. Because I know I'm right, I know you're wrong, and I know it's pointless to argue unless one or the other of us have proof (which I don't, because I thought it was fucking common knowledge, considering most people seem to know that.)

Basically, fandom!wank isn't worth it. No matter how fun it is to pwn people... So basically, if you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone. Period. D:
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