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And then I modified it. Kinda. XD

And then I made more. To amuse myself. Hee hee. YAY MEAN COLORBARS!

Prepare to get offended, JouMai fans. And if they have a problem, they can suck my right tit and make the left one jealous. KthxDIE.

jou/mai sucks so bad, it doesn't deserve color.

jou/mai sucks cow pen0rz.

jou/mai just plain sucks.

jou/mai makes people vomit.

jou/mai makes ME vomit.

jou/mai isn't "canon", you dumbass.

Lmao, I wonder if they'll put me on hated_pairings. XD
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November 19 2005, 22:11:40 UTC 12 years ago

ZOMG I WANT TO STEAL THEM. *already put one up* I'm gonna steal "jou/mai isn't "canon," you dumbass." By the way, you messed up your grammar. xDDD;; The comma should be inside the quotes in 'canon.' Hehe... yeah... anyway. STEALING IT. S-T-E-A-L-I-N-G! STEALING!

Deleted comment

Fooker. YOU #$%& GRAMMAR NAZI!!!! XD

yay for stealing!
That may be grammatically correct, but I'll have to go with Caity on this one.

See, if you know *anything* about computer programming, you'll understand why the punctuation rules of the English language are so messed up.

You should close your tags properly.

"canon" is its own statement, so the comma should go afterwards. I mean, look at the sentence as a whole: the comma separates [you dumbass] from [jou/mai isn't "canon"], and the period ends the sentence.

Now, if the sentence was something like [She said, "jou/mai isn't 'canon'."] or ["Jou/mai isn't 'canon'," she said.] you would want to close the tags around canon, then close the tag around the sentence (i.e. putting the period or comma inside the quotes that surround the said sentence). You would end the sentence before surrounding it with tags (quotes).

So you see, saying [jou/mai isn't "canon," you dumbass.] is equivalent to saying that [jou/mai isn't "canon] is a free standing phrase. Which it's not. Because it's got an unclosed quote tag.

*Is a grammar activist*
XDDD ♥ you're amazing.