caity > you (neveryouonlyme) wrote in anti_polarship,
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And then I modified it. Kinda. XD

And then I made more. To amuse myself. Hee hee. YAY MEAN COLORBARS!

Prepare to get offended, JouMai fans. And if they have a problem, they can suck my right tit and make the left one jealous. KthxDIE.

jou/mai sucks so bad, it doesn't deserve color.

jou/mai sucks cow pen0rz.

jou/mai just plain sucks.

jou/mai makes people vomit.

jou/mai makes ME vomit.

jou/mai isn't "canon", you dumbass.

Lmao, I wonder if they'll put me on hated_pairings. XD
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