Radfel (radfel) wrote in anti_polarship,

[...]Polarshipping is canon because I mean one obvious (¿?) reason is when Joey drools when he sees Mai for the first time! That's love.

*head explodes in frustration* Bitches... I'll try to be rational here.

I bet my ass, EVERYONE drools over Mai. I mean I would if I saw her! She's beautiful. Katsuya? Yes. Otogi? Yes. Honda? Yes. Atemu? Yes. Yuugi? loves Atemu Yes. Mai looking at herself in the mirror? Yes. Seto? Maybe not drool but he had definitely checked her out.

And what if they are all gay? They drool too. SO STFU with your stupid reasons and... dfguvfowavbsbd! Fanbrats D:

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