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Yay, I found people that hate Jou and Mai together.. (FINALLY). I hate this pairing with a passion and I cannot believe that there are so many 'hints' in the series. I loathe those hints and I think they would be absolutely horrible together.

Okay, that's my rants. I hate Jou/Mai and polarshipping and that's all the reason I need to join right? Right, okay. :D

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Eeeewwwww. Polarshipping is the grossest thing ever. >_< Welcome to the community! <33333

Yeah, I know what you mean by "finally", 'cause I spent forever and a year trying to find people who agree with me. ;-; It seems like 98% of the damn fandom is obsessed, and it just makes me gag. X_x;

And, Taking Back Sunday is love. XD; *dork*
XD. Yes. We're apart of the 2% that hate it.
But we're a sexy 2%. XD
yes we are. XD I swear the first time I saw the Antagoshipping icon I didn't even notice Seto. I just thought it was Bakura. Then looked twice and went: O_O Oh...O__O OOOHHH!! ^_^ YAY!
XDDDD *points at Seto* ZOMG SETO! XD
XD! Seriously. O_O he's all mysterious in the background the wind...XD *watching too much Family Guy*

Fat man, with his kids and dog!
Drove in through the morning fog!

...That's my favorite episode everrr.

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